The Mind of Evil by Terrance Dicks

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  • Song Name: The Mind of Evil by Terrance Dicks
  • Artist: Greg James
  • Album: Doctor Who On Target
  • Year: 2017

"Eminent scientist Emil Keller has developed a revolutionary new process for the treatment of hardened criminals. His invention, the Keller Machine, is being heralded as a major scientific breakthrough.But Professor Keller is in truth the Master, and the Keller Machine is much more than a mere machine.Soon the Doctor, Jo, the Brigadier and UNIT are involved in a bitter struggle with the Master, an alien mind parasite, and a diabolical scheme to plunge the world into a Third World War... Richard Franklin, who played Captain Mike Yates in the BBC TV series, reads Terrance Dicks's novelisation of a 1971 TV serial by Don Houghton."
So goes the blurb from Penguin/BBC Audio - but there is only one question on our minds - Can Richard Franklin redeem himself after our last review of his narration? Listen on to find out...